Are the changes that are here and others that are coming down the pike, really changes?

11 February 2013
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11 February 2013, Comments: 0

So I find myself trying to not laugh to hard about all of the changes with Internet marketing. Are the changes that are here and others that are coming down the pike, really changes? You may ask yourself what is this guy talking about…..well let me explain.

There are certain constants in the Internet marketing game

  • 1) Content is King
  • 2) The More of that Great Content you have coming out on a Consistent Basis

Now that Google’s algorithm is so sophisticated that it almost mimics human behavior, you really do need to obey Google’s rules. So what does this mean to the public at large. Finaly a google search might really be the best websites that are really the most relevant to the end users actual needs.

If you are a SEO company that took shortcuts and got great results solely with techniques that are quickly being eliminate by Panda and Penguin, then your clients are already suffering great loss in rankings. If you were a SEO company or business owner that really tried to give your best information to help people out, then you have been and will continue to be in Googles good graces. If you notice, I did not say great rankings. The reason that i left that out, is because there are other factors that can effect your ranking on the search engines.

Competition in your industry will always be a huge part of the pie of great rankings. All of those who did not do the right thing will not just go away, they will also adapt to the new Internet marketing reality. If you keep to the rule that Content is King you will be ok.

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