About Us

About FWD Marketing

In 2009 FWD Marketing, Inc. was formed because of what the founder Steve Bookspan saw other companies doing incorrectly.  Having worked for two of the largest multimedia companies in the world for several years, Steve realized that what was missing in the blueprints of these companies was the one thing that clients needed-customer service.  Steve founded FWD with this principal in mind.

Armed with the knowledge that clients want the services offered by the big companies, but they also want someone to explain the products, answer their questions and, more importantly, care about the results.  Internet Marketing, when done correctly, is a powerful tool for small businesses that are trying to get their name out there.  Steve realized that the larger companies were so busy worrying about their bottom line, they forgot to service their clients in properly assisting them in navigating the unknown territory that is the online world.   With his focus on client satisfaction, Steve knew he had found the recipe for success.

Only a few short years later, FWD Marketing is one of the fastest growing Marketing Companies on Long Island.  Steve and his staff continue to be focused on the client’s needs.

 I have worked with Steve on two different marketing programs. He is great to work with and is always looking out for your best interest. His knowledge in regards to social media is outstanding.